DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement

DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement

Most of homeowners are often faced with the decisions on whether they should complete their own roofing replacement by ordering shingles and doing it themselves or by going with a professional roofing contractor. It’s very tempting to go with the DIY route especially when you see the cost of a roofing contractor versus the cost of materials. Keep in mind that roofing does require precision however and professional help can really make sure that you get the process of roofing done quickly.

Professional Roofer Factors

A professional roofer will be able to get the job done quickly: A team of professionals can often complete your entire roofing job within just one day. Rather than having to struggle with your roofing over a weekend or even over a week, you could have the job done accurately and quickly.

Professional roofer’s come with warranties: If you install roofing products incorrectly you could void the warranty on your shingles and more. Going with a professional roofer makes sure that you have a guarantee behind your work. This can also speak volumes if you are going to be reselling your home in the near future.

DIY Factors

You need to make judgment calls: You may need to make judgment calls about the structural supports underneath your shingles or roofing materials. You could your gospel for installing new plywood up along your roof or even performing some minor home repairs before you complete the roofing job.

Roof replacement is demanding work: You have to be very comfortable with heights as well as have the ability to lift 50 pounds bundles of shingles up and down the ladder to get the job done.